Rocio on reaching out

After diagnosis and during treatment, there were lots of little things that Rocio would have liked support with.
She often felt unable to ask friends for help, but would've loved someone to offer.

Rocio's story

As a woman there are some things you need help with for example waxing under my arms is difficult as I have scars there. I’d love a female friend to say don’t worry I’ll do that for you.

I do have one friend Inga who has been amazing. She came with me to cut my hair for the first time as well as coming to my last chemo appointment, she has just offered to come with me for my next one, but I can’t ask her to be there for every one. She was another person who actually gave me the strength to get through it, because she witnessed quite a lot of very difficult and intrusive procedures.

I think as a woman you possibly just need a bit of pampering. You know, when you’re losing your hair, your eyebrows ... You need somebody to come over and do a bit of make-up with you or massage your arm, or moisturise your back. Or just do some really simple, lovely things.

People around people with cancer should be aware that maybe the person who’s not very well isn’t the type who can ask for support, or doesn’t know what they want. Just be there. And if the person doesn't answer the phone, call them again.