Mark on getting support

Mark doing the washing up
Mark doing the washing up

Mark received lots of support when his partner Kate was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Support from Mark's friends, family and Macmillan nurse Wendy, meant that he did not have to look after Kate alone.

Mark's story

I didn’t feel lonely after Kate was diagnosed. Our friends have been incredible. As soon as we had the diagnosis I phoned a few friends to let them know. Everyone around us was fantastic. There was always someone to talk to or someone to do something if I needed it done.

Macmillan has also been involved from the beginning. From the day we were told they suspected lymphoma our Macmillan nurse Wendy, has been by our side at every hospital visit. 

When Kate got her diagnosis, I actually went to speak to Wendy alone. I wanted to find out a bit more information about what was going to happen. She was always there if I had any questions at all.

Wendy always remembers what’s going on and what stage Kate’s at. Her support meant that we had consistency through the process. This really helped because it meant that we did not have to continuously explain the symptoms to a different person.

Wendy does an amazing job. She keeps Kate calm and in perspective with everything that’s being talked about. She’s someone who will help out with any type of information. She’s kept our spirits high.

It was really nice to see that Macmillan offers support to family and friends, as well as the people going through cancer.

Watch: all about Mark's experiences

Watch: all about Mark's experiences