Lisa on being a carer

Lisa stands in her kitchen
Lisa stands in her kitchen

Lisa forced her boyfriend Luke to visit the doctors after he had been complaining of stomach pains. 

Luke was diagnosed with bowel cancer and Lisa cared for him while managing to juggle her job.

Lisa's story

Lisa - No, I didn’t really consider myself his carer. I just thought of myself as his fiancée. As far as I was concerned, that was my job. He wasn’t well, so I was looking after him.

His dad was amazing. Obviously we still needed money and Luke wasn’t getting any money from work. So I stayed at work and earned, while his dad stopped working to look after him. So his dad dealt with taking him to chemo and all that.

I hated walking out of the hospital. I would’ve slept there if they’d let me, but they wouldn’t. So I was literally there every time I could be. Work was very understanding and the visiting hours were from two, so they let me leave at two. It was really nice of them.

His dad did a lot. All the daytime stuff while I was at work. Obviously I sort of took over when I got there so he could have a bit of time relaxing in the evening. But during the daytime it was his dad who looked after him.

After his surgery I slept at the end of the bed. I had my own flat at the time, but I never once went home. I stayed there the whole time. I ended up moving in with them. That really brought us closer together.

If Macmillan hadn’t have been there for Luke, I think he would’ve worried a lot more and been a lot more scared. Because they gave him answers to his questions. Every little thing he wasn’t sure about, he’d ring them up and ask.

Luke - Lisa was my girlfriend of only 18 months and she didn’t leave the hospital until the lights went off and she was literally kicked out. She used to sleep on the floor at the end of my bed because I had such a weird sense of smell – everything smelt like cauliflower. But she didn’t leave my side. I just needed to know someone was there. She was like my nurse. She was brilliant. And she’s now my wife. 

Lisa - Without Macmillan, I think the world would be a very scary place, a very daunting place for a lot of people. It’s quite hard to imagine what it would be like without them because we’ve gone through this situation with them. I wouldn’t like to think what it would be like otherwise.

Watch: all about Lisa's experiences

Watch: all about Lisa's experiences