Amrik on getting support

Amrik sitting in his kitchen
Amrik sitting in his kitchen

Amrik used our online information and our free booklets to help him and his family know what to expect, when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. He says without it, they'd have been a lot more scared and anxious about what lay ahead.

Amrik's story

The first leaflet I read was a Macmillan one, which was just purely about what to expect. It was such a straight-talking document about what’s going to happen and how you can get through it. I think that was one of the main things I based my recovery on, in terms of knowing what to expect, and how to react around friends and things like that. I was really concerned about losing my hair and that sort of thing. Thankfully the booklet put me completely at ease. 

I know my mother used the Macmillan website a lot because for a long time we didn't know what the side effects would be. So it was really important for mum to be prepared for anything. We didn't want any surprises at this stage. We were done with nasty surprises after the diagnosis.

The information that’s available from Macmillan, whether it’s online or in physical leaflets, is invaluable. If Macmillan hadn't been there, it would have like been like going into a dark tunnel blind. I wouldn’t have known what to expect. And my friends wouldn’t have known how to approach the whole situation either. I think putting everyone at ease at such a difficult time is so important.

I know my family were really informed thanks to Macmillan. Their information was priceless to us and still is, really.

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