People power

Macmillan believes that people-powered campaigns can bring about positive change and help people with cancer to live life as fully as they can. This year we are spearheading two major campaigns, and we need you to join us.

Macmillan has a network of 20,000 volunteer campaigners across the UK who are all fighting to make changes to the experiences of people living with cancer. It’s thanks to the time these passionate individuals give that we’ve really managed to change things for the better. Together we’ve achieved so much. In the past, we’ve made sure most hospitals offer free parking for cancer patients, we’ve secured free prescriptions for those with the illness, and we’ve influenced new legislation to give carers more support.

This year, we’re focusing on two key campaign issues and, with your help, we’re confident we can achieve even more great things.

1. We need to fix Universal credit

We believe that the welfare system is failing people with cancer who are too unwell to work. Right now we’re concerned that the new benefit, Universal Credit, simply isn’t working for people with cancer. It’s difficult to apply for, hard to get the right support and often comes with long delayed payments. Our 'Denied and delayed' campaign seeks to change the process.

You can help support the campaign by emailing your MP to raise concerns about Universal Credit. What’s more, later this year, we’re planning to run a local campaign programme around Harrogate, where the Government are piloting the next phase of the Universal Credit. If you live in or around the area and would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you – please drop us a line at

2. We need more funding for the cancer workforce

With the number of people living with cancer in the UK growing, the role of the cancer workforce in supporting people with cancer has never been more important. However, with problems such as NHS staff shortages, ever-growing workloads and under-resourced social care, the task of providing the very best care to people living with cancer is becoming harder. Macmillan believes that in order to support a cancer workforce that is fit for the future, the Government needs to provide more, and better targeted, funding.

Later this year, we’ll be kicking off a campaign that will address all of these issues by lobbying the Government to consider more funding as part of its upcoming Spending Review. There will be plenty of ways for volunteers to support us, find out how on our Campaigns page

Make your voice heard

If you’d like to support us in these campaigns and many more, why not sign up to our campaign network? We’ll keep you up to date with opportunities to take action, and you’ll receive our newsletter every two months. Together, we can make huge changes for people living with cancer.