Our data policies made clear

Here at Macmillan, our aim is to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can. As part of our efforts to achieve this, we’re in a position of being trusted with people’s data. Whether it’s from people we support, healthcare professionals or our supporters, having the right policies in place to protect data is key and will help us to maintain our reputation.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect one year ago. We responded by training Macmillan staff, volunteers and professionals in handling data according to the legislation, best practice and data owners’ wishes. Thousands of volunteers have since completed the training and we’re now in a much stronger position.

We’ve recently updated our Information Governance policies to ensure they continue to provide the best level of protection, while also ensuring our training is clear and simple to complete.

What do the updated policies mean for you?

1.  Any volunteers with access to sensitive data must undertake annual online data protection training

This will apply to you if you’re a Fundraising Committee Chair or Treasurer, a Directing Volunteering Services volunteer, or you’re in any other role that brings you into contact with sensitive data. The quick and easy training session can be found on LearnZone. If you are unable to complete the training online, you can talk to your Volunteer Manager about options for doing it offline.

2.  All volunteers should be aware of our Information Governance policies and what they cover

Please read through the policies to understand how they affect your role, and do refer back to them in future if you are ever unsure on how to handle data. To make this simple for you, we’ve developed short summaries of our new policies on Learnzone. You can also read more about our Information Governance policies in our Volunteer Handbook.

The most important thing to remember is that, if you are in doubt about the updated policies or training, please speak to your Volunteer Manager or key contact at Macmillan. They will be able to support you to complete the training or tell you more about the policies.