Your cancer support, in your community

As a Macmillan volunteer, you will know that a cancer diagnosis can affect everything. But whatever cancer throws your way, we’re right there with you – sometimes even closer than you might think. Our fleet of Mobile Information and Support Service (MISS) buses are on the road all year round, providing drop-in advice and support to communities in the UK. Why not find out when we're visiting you?

The service operates six big green buses, and each regularly travels around designated geographies in the UK, with a team of trained cancer information professionals and volunteers on board. From nurses and welfare rights experts to radiographers and dietitians, our trained professionals are on hand can to answer your questions about cancer. Appointments are not necessary, so anyone can turn up on the day to receive tailored information and support.

Reaching further than ever

As part of Macmillan’s new strategy, we have created Experience Principles to ensure everyone we support receives a recognisable Macmillan experience. One of our experience principles is Proximity, which means making cancer support accessible to everyone, and being easy to reach when people need us most. MISS helps us to achieve this by not only visiting town centres, libraries and supermarkets, but hard-to-reach areas and rural communities. Last year alone, MISS reached over 260,000 people in the UK.

Volunteer support

Volunteers play a key role to support MISS, by signposting people towards local information and support and offering a listening ear. Keith, a volunteer from Scarborough knows how valuable the service is for people living with cancer, their friends and families.

‘The best thing about the Mobile Information and Support Bus is that it offers guidance to people who may not have other Macmillan services local to them,’ he says.

Next stop

To find out which bus serves your area, please see our Mobile Information and Support Service webpage, or search for your postcode in our directory.

Alternatively, if you follow the buses on Twitter, you'll never miss a stop. Check out Basil in the North West, Bertie and Dougie in the South, Beryl and Betty in the North, the Midlands and Scotland and Bronwen in Wales.