Get in on the Macmillan Action Team

COVID-19 update

We have temporarily paused recruitment to the Action Team due to the impact of coronavirus. We are continuing to support members of the Action Team through our network of Volunteering Fundraising Managers. Please note, we currently have the maximum number of volunteers we can support at this time. You can browse all currently available roles at

About the Macmillan Action Team

As well the feel-good buzz of knowing you’re making a difference, volunteering as part of Team Macmillan is a great way to supercharge your social life. No matter how much time you can spare, our Action Team offers a flexible way to volunteer with a friendly bunch of like-minded people.

When you join the Macmillan Action Team, you’ll receive a monthly email newsletter, which shares a range of fun opportunities you can get involved with. From cheering at challenge events, to helping with collections at concerts, simply choose the activities you’re able to help with and we’ll send you all the details you need.

On the day of your event, you will be an integral part of a team that shares the same goal: to help people living with cancer find their best way through. Did we mention you’ll have lots of fun with new friends, too?

Doing something more with your time

Josh, who works in marketing technology, signed up for the Macmillan Action Team to do something more with his free time, and to make a difference in his community. ‘I live and work in London, so most of my weekends were spent indoors not doing a lot,’ he explains. ‘I was inspired to volunteer for Macmillan because both my mum and dad had cancer. When I read about the Action Team, it looked like a perfect fit.’

The first event Josh put himself forward for was the Virgin Money London Marathon. He cheered his heart out for Macmillan’s marvellous runners and left on a high – so much so that he’s signed up to run the event, in support of Macmillan, this year.

‘Volunteering felt really good,’ he says. ‘Everyone is so friendly and I definitely caught the Action Team bug. Since then, I’ve volunteered at many running events, and at bucket collections in stores and train stations. The flexibility really appeals to me. It’s really good to be able to pick and choose the events you want to go to, and to feel zero commitment.’

Find your tribe

Josh says there’s an atmosphere of solidarity when he volunteers at events and it keeps him coming back for more. ‘It’s really nice, because you meet the same people at different events and you get chatting. It’s also good to see new people and new faces – it means your social circle keeps expanding. You’re never lonely when you volunteer at an event.’

If you have a few hours to spare, a couple of times a year or a month, why not join our growing tribe of UK-wide Macmillan Action Team volunteers? Good fun and company are guaranteed.

The flexibility really appeals to me. It’s really good to be able to pick and choose the events you want to go to.

Josh, Volunteer