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Volunteers like you give so much to Macmillan, and every moment amounts to something truly marvelous. From saying a reassuring hello to an anxious person in an information centre to popping on your green t-shirt for a bucket collection, the difference you make is enormous. Last year, volunteers helped Macmillan to make huge leaps and bounds so we’re celebrating your many successes and achievements in our publication, A year of magical moments. Why not order or download your copy today? 

The super stats in this brilliant little booklet are draft figures from our forthcoming annual report. This means that you’ll be in the know about our volunteering achievements before anyone else. It also features the incredible story of our Macmillan Volunteer of the Year, plus it gives a fascinating insight into a day in the life of volunteers around the UK.

'A Year of Magical Moments' - printed booklet available from be.macmillan.

A year of magical moments

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Check it out if you want to discover answers to these questions:

  • How much total income did we raise in 2017?
  • How many calls were taken by our awesome team of staff and volunteers at the Macmillan Support Line?
  • What was the incredible figure our challenge event fundraisers contributed?
  • How many people affected by cancer were supported by the volunteers and professionals who make up our Mobile Information and Support Service, visiting local communities on our bright green busses?
  • How much did our phenomenal fundraising groups and committees bring in?