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Cancer can affect every aspect of someone’s life from their finances to their relationships and their mental health. It can also have a massive impact on a person’s confidence and sense of self – especially if their treatment changes the way they look. 

We’re working with Boots UK to provide local support that helps people affected by cancer to tackle these sorts of issues and get on with their lives.

Since partnering in 2009, Boots and Macmillan have been combining our expertise to deliver cancer information and support within Boots stores across the UK.

Boots colleagues have been passionate advocates of the partnership, and many have volunteered to undertake bespoke training for two unique roles that provide support specifically to people with cancer.

The advisors helping people to face the day

Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors are Boots No7 Advisors who’ve undertaken voluntary training to support people to manage the visible side effects of treatment. From defining sparse eyebrows to minimising dark circles, they provide free, face-to-face advice about caring for skin, hair and nails in selected stores. 

Lisa, a Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisor who won Macmillan’s 2018 Corporate Volunteer Award for the South and East region, says that the service can have a profound emotional impact on people’s lives. 

‘While we can’t take people’s cancer away, we can empower them to feel good about themselves,’ she says. ‘We can give back some normality and put a smile on people’s faces. Sometimes that can be the best medicine of all.’ 

‘When you help someone use cosmetics to recreate their eyebrows or eyelashes after chemo, or perhaps apply some lipstick or foundation, when they first see themselves in the mirror and beam, it’s the best feeling in the world. They walk away from us 10 feet taller, and that makes me so proud.’

The pharmacists providing more than medicines

You don’t expect to receive specialist cancer support from your high street pharmacy – but Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacists can do just that. These amazing professional volunteers have been specially trained to understand the impact of cancer and signpost people to the local services in their area, whatever their concerns. From financial worries to anxieties about travelling abroad or difficulties with speaking to loved ones, there’s so much they can help with. What’s more, their unique service is available in a friendly, trusted and familiar high street environment. 

Sanjay, a Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacist who won Macmillan’s 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award for the London region, explains why the role is so important.

‘Customers have told me it’s great we’re available on the high street, because that’s where people living with cancer actually are and cancer care shouldn’t stop at the hospital,’ he says. ‘You get to know your patients when you’re in the community – they trust you. When I wake up, I feel happy because I know I’ll be able to make a difference to someone’s life that day. Not many people are able to say that.’ 

See more this summer 

Over the next few months we’ll be promoting our partnership with Boots in a new campaign. It will showcase the superb support on offer from the Boots colleagues who give their time to help people with cancer take back control. Make sure you look out for it!

Two women talk in a Boots shop.

Boots and Macmillan

We are working together to ensure people affected by cancer, wherever they are in the UK, have access to the best cancer information and support in their local community.

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