Protecting our reputation

Macmillan is the leading charity brand, having topped the YouGov Charity Index rankings over the past five years. This positive reputation is based on the strong relationships of trust we hold with the people affected by cancer, with our delivery partners, and with the donors and volunteers that are so key to delivering our services.

Protecting their data and information is a fundamental part of this, particularly in the digital age. It has taken us over 100 years to build our reputation, but it wouldn’t take very long to lose that trust if we got things wrong.

This is why we are making a number of changes to how we store, share, manage and destroy personal and sensitive information in the right way to protect our data, our customers and our reputation.

The changes will help ensure we continue to build long trusting relationships with our supporters and with people affected by cancer. They need to trust that we are doing the right things in the right way, and that we are using their data wisely and effectively. The changes will also help us to ensure we are compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into effect at the end of May.

We need all staff and volunteers to play their part in making these changes, and in ensuring they are a success. 

There are two key steps you can take over the next few months to help us in this task:

  1. Complete the new training module on GDPR
    We will need all staff and volunteers to complete training on the General Data Protection Regulations. You will be sent further details on this at the start of April and it is important that all volunteers, especially those that might come into contact with personal data, complete this training.

  2. Opt-in to receive future marketing communications from Macmillan Cancer Support
    We will also be asking all of our supporters, including volunteers (and therefore yourself) to opt-in specifically to receive marketing communications from us. Without this permission, we will be unable to send out communications such as Volunteer News.

What to do now

Please follow the link from the top of your Volunteer News email – sent on Tuesday 13 March – and use this to opt-in to future marketing communications. Don’t worry if there wasn’t a link in your email, that simply means you’ve already opted in - nice work! 

Please also keep your eyes peeled for more communications over the coming weeks, particularly the link to the training which we will require all volunteers to complete.