Giving something back

For many people who have been supported by Macmillan, volunteering can be a really positive way of giving something back. And the beauty of it is that there’s no need to run a marathon or bathe in baked beans – you can do it your own way. One person who’s done exactly that is an extremely inspiring student and Macmillan Action Team member from the North East, Olivia. Here, she shares her story with Volunteer News

'My Dad was first diagnosed with cancer when I was 13, and then again when I was 15. I wanted to have a better understanding of what he was going through, so when his Macmillan nurses came over to our house, they sat down with me and explained everything at my level.

'When my Dad passed away soon after, they called me up to check on me. I really appreciated being able to speak about things with someone outside of my family.'

Determined to help

'That experience made me want to give something back to Macmillan. As soon as I turned 16, I signed up to my local Macmillan Action Team so I could get involved in local events that suited me. I’ve taken part in numerous bucket collections and the first one was at Newcastle Races. It was such a positive experience. Every time someone came to donate something, they would share a little bit of their story. 

'It was incredible to realise that so many people have been touched by cancer and experienced something similar to me. You feel a connection with everyone who puts money in your bucket.'

A connection with Dad

'Every time I put on my green t-shirt and take part in an event, I feel a connection with my Dad. I know that he would be proud of what I’m doing. I also know that I’m giving something back by helping Macmillan to support families just like they supported mine.' 

However you choose to give back to Macmillan, you’ll be making an enormous difference by supporting people to live life with cancer. It could also benefit your wellbeing as volunteering is a proven way of relieving stress, boosting confidence and discovering a sense of purpose. Why not make a positive change today?