Bringing our brand to life

Our award-winning brand has been key to our success and helped us to become the most trusted charity in the UK. However, we know that some people with cancer still don’t know what we can do to support them or don’t feel we’re relevant to them.

To make sure everyone with cancer, from every walk of life, knows Macmillan is there for them, we’re making some important changes to our brand. Volunteers will be crucial in helping us bring our new brand to life as well as continuing to deliver recognisable Macmillan experiences.

Our new brand has been developed to broaden Macmillan’s relevance and appeal. At its heart is our new purpose ‘To help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can’. This clarifies why we do what we do, and it underpins everything that our volunteers, supporters and staff strive for.

We have also redefined the benefit that people with cancer can expect from us – ‘your best way through’ - and developed five Experience Principles to help ensure everyone we come into contact with receives a recognisable and consistent Macmillan experience. The principles are Empathy, Proximity, Resolution, Inspiration and Empowerment – all things that we know Macmillan volunteers embody really strongly already, but also what we need to do more of, to make every experience we deliver feel consistently Macmillan.

A brand new look

You may have already begun to see the changes in how some of our communications look and feel as part of our new brand identity. We’ve been busy refreshing our logo, fonts, colour palette, illustrations, photography style and tone of voice, to make us more contemporary and relevant whilst still feeling familiar. Don’t worry, though – we’re still green! We’re aiming for all of our materials to have changed over to the new brand by March 2019, but old branded materials can happily co-exist with the new until this point, to help to avoid unnecessary wastage.

Support for all

James Renwick, Macmillan’s Head of Brand Strategy (pictured above), explains that the changes are vital if we want to support more people with cancer in the future. 

‘Currently, we know that many people at the point of diagnosis don’t feel Macmillan is relevant to them’ he says. ‘The changes we’re making mean that we’ll be able to resonate with many more people, so they come to us for support. Our new brand has been shaped by, and tested robustly with, the people we’re here to support, as well as those who offer support like volunteers, so we know we can be confident in our new direction.’ 

The UK Volunteer Forum played an important role throughout the brand development process and helped ensure our purpose, benefit and Experience Principles all reflect the experiences of, and provided by, Macmillan volunteers. They’re also supporting the roll-out of the new identity, with each of the Regional Forum chairs acting as a Brand Champion that can advise volunteers in their area. James says that volunteers are well-placed to help raise awareness of the comprehensive support Macmillan offers to everyone. 

‘Whether they’re supporting people living with cancer, or our fundraising efforts, volunteers are the face of Macmillan, so they have a really important part to play in reaching into all communities and communicating our offer. We will be telling volunteers more about the new brand over the coming months and into 2019, so watch this space.’ 

To find out more, head over to our brand page on Learnzone, where you can learn more about our new purpose and benefit, and access useful resources including our brand guidelines. Or you can explore where we’ve come from and how the support we offer has evolved by watching our heritage video below.