Secure in the knowledge

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For many people with cancer, Macmillan’s huge range of information proves to be a crucial resource at a difficult time. Not only does it cover a whopping selection of subjects, but it’s all been developed by experts and checked over by volunteers affected by cancer themselves. It’s great to be aware of Macmillan’s cancer information for many reasons – not least because you’ll be able to direct people towards it as part of your volunteering.

Someone who really understands the importance of Macmillan’s cancer information is Sharon from Glasgow (pictured). She first came across it when she visited her local Maggie’s Centre after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

‘I picked up a lot of the leaflets and booklets relating to what I was going through, such as bowel cancer and chemotherapy,’ she says. ‘I found the diet and cancer leaflets particularly helpful too. Macmillan seemed to have covered everything.’

Inspired to spread the word

Discovering Macmillan’s cancer information was transformative for Sharon. As well as giving her the knowledge she needed, it also made her realise she wanted to become a Macmillan information and support volunteer. ‘It became an aspirational goal of mine,’ she says. ‘I said to myself that if I got better I’d volunteer for the Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries service. I really wanted to do it to give something back, so I’m thrilled to be there doing that now. I’ve come full circle with Macmillan.’ 

Sharon’s role involves supporting people with cancer at a weekly drop-in service by offering a listening ear and signposting them to information and other cancer support services. ‘I find it so rewarding to know that people are benefiting from Macmillan’s information in the same way that I did,’ she says.

Information you can trust

Macmillan’s cancer information team develops trusted information, and each publication is reviewed regularly to make sure it is correct and up-to-date. This includes a review by people affected by cancer to check that the publications are accurate, useful and include everything they need to. What’s more, Macmillan is a founder member of the Information Standard quality scheme which provides a framework that ensures the accuracy and accessibility of our information. 

This high standard was recognised in September, when three of our resources were shortlisted and highly commended for awards at the 2017 BMA Patient Information Awards, and one of them won first prize. 

We strive to make sure our cancer information is accessible to everyone so, as well as booklets and leaflets, Macmillan’s information comes in a variety of formats including CDs, videos, and e-books. There’s also information that’s been translated into different languages, as well as in Braille, large print, and easy read formats. 

Macmillan’s cancer information can be found in local Macmillan Information and Support centres, other cancer centres, hospitals, GP surgeries and libraries. You can also find lots of information here on our main website, or order it from the be.Macmillan website or the Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm). 

‘There are so many leaflets and booklets that every aspect of the cancer journey is covered – even down to things like recipe booklets,’ says Sharon. ‘Whatever information someone is looking for, Macmillan can help them.’ 

Why not take a look at the range and breadth of information that’s available so you know where to signpost people in the future?