Rise to the challenge

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Whether at marathons or cycle rides, Macmillan’s marvellous event volunteers make all the difference for the extraordinary runners and riders raising money for us.

We want all of our volunteers to have an outstanding experience and we want to make every event super special, so we’ve developed an online training module specifically for these purposes.

Why not give it a go before getting out there in green this summer?

Make every event a day to remember

Every year, thousands of incredible people take on all sorts of physical challenges for Macmillan, and our event volunteers are there for them every step of the way.

Whether they’re cheering, marshalling or handing out water with a smile, Macmillan volunteers make sure our event participants know just how much we appreciate them pushing themselves to the limit. 

Designed for seasoned event volunteers and enthusiastic first-timers alike, the ‘How to be the ultimate event volunteer’ online training module is the perfect preparation for anyone thinking of helping out this summer. This quick and easy session on our LearnZone website explains why events – and event volunteers – are so important to Macmillan. 

Packed with information to help you answer questions from members of the public, you’re guaranteed to find it useful. What’s more, it also offers lots of top tips to make sure the time you spend volunteering at events is inspiring and rewarding for everyone involved.

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Pass on your positivity

One person who knows just how rewarding volunteering at events can be is Andy from Lewisham. After going along to volunteer for Macmillan at the Hackney Half Marathon with his partner Sharon, he quickly got the bug. Incredibly, he ended up helping at 27 events in 2016 alone! 

‘I do whatever the event needs,’ says Andy. ‘So I’ll cheer at the top of my lungs to keep the runners motivated, direct them around the course as a steward or hand out water. Runners tell us that the encouragement of Macmillan volunteers gets them through the race.’

Andy’s top tip for being an event volunteer is to be infectiously positive. 

‘You have to be smiley, confident and have a happy disposition’, he says. ‘Then you’ll pass all of these things onto the runners and help them to get over the finish line.’

Andy says it’s not just the runners that event volunteers inspire, but members of the public too.

‘When people notice you in your green wig and Macmillan t-shirt, they’ll often come over and make a donation or ask how they can get involved in volunteering at events too. I get a huge sense of achievement in knowing that I’m playing my part in supporting people affected by cancer.'

Make sure you’re at the top of your game this summer by giving our easy online training module a go.

I get a huge sense of achievement in knowing that I'm playing my part.