Your awesome achievements in a nutshell

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The results are in and it’s time to celebrate because 2016 was another incredible year for Macmillan – and so much of the credit goes to volunteers like you. Read on to discover how your efforts have played a pivotal role in helping us to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Volunteers make an immense impact

Whatever you do to make your time matter with Macmillan, your efforts are crucial in helping us to reach and improve the lives of people affected by cancer. Volunteers like you support people through our much-needed services and raise the vital money we need to fund these services – the impact you’re making is immense. 

We’ve just published a booklet called, Our achievements in a nutshell, which is packed with the inspiring volunteering highlights of 2016. We’ve picked out just a few of its top stats and stories here to give you a flavour of what you’ve helped us to achieve.

The highlights* of a hugely successful year:

  • With your help we raised over £240 million, making it a record fundraising year – and the third year in a row where we’ve raised more than £200 million. 
  • Our volunteer groups and committees raised almost £8 million – a truly substantial amount. 
  • Our flagship fundraising event, the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, brought in a record amount of over £29 million – and most of us ate a record amount of cake!
  • Our highly-trained team of Macmillan Support Line staff and volunteers answered and replied to almost 150,000 calls and web enquires from people affected by cancer.
  • The Macmillan Horizon Centre in Sussex opened in November and recruited over 100 volunteers to help provide support to people affected by cancer including complementary therapies and hairstyling.

*Please note, all figures were unaudited at time of publication. Our actual income and reach figures will be published in our Annual report in July.

Why not check out all the ways in which our amazing volunteers did us proud by downloading the booklet or ordering a printed copy?