Friends, fun and flexibility

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Spring is the perfect time to get out and about to meet new people, and there’s no better way to do it than by joining your local Macmillan Action Team. The beauty of our Action Teams is that there’s bundles of fun to be had while making a difference, and they’re super flexible. As a team member, you’ll receive a regular email featuring a selection of local ad hoc volunteering opportunities, then you can choose to get involved with any you fancy.

Action Team members are invaluable to Macmillan. They support and get involved in local fundraising activities or assist at challenge events such as marathons, triathlons and obstacle courses. 

Whether holding bucket collections or handing out water and cheering on Team Macmillan runners, cyclists and swimmers, they really make their time matter.

A male runner celebrates on the running course of an event.

Watch: Our marathon cheerers

Watch: Our marathon cheerers

As a long-standing member of an Action Team, Patrick from Ilford (pictured right) really understands the benefits of signing up. 

'I've had cancer five times and Macmillan have always been there for me, so I wanted to give something back,' he says. 'The appeal of joining an Action Team is having the opportunity to meet new people – not to mention the flexibility it offers. The team I’m involved with holds bucket collections at our local Sainsbury's store about twice a month. I also helped to marshal the Macmillan Runathon event in Regent’s Park last year – the range of opportunities on offer is very diverse. It’s always great fun – you get to know everyone and I’ve made some steadfast friends.'

And it's not just the other Action Team members that Patrick has got to know, he says. It's members of the wider community too. 'When we started collecting at Sainsbury's, I gave a talk to the store staff, telling them my story and talking about the support that Macmillan offers, so they all know me,' he says. 'I've got to know lots of the shoppers too. When people see me in my green Macmillan t-shirt, they often come over to talk to me about their own cancer experiences. It’s a privilege to be able to signpost them to the support they need.' Patrick would encourage anyone who wants a sociable way to make a difference to join an Action Team. 'There’s no need to be nervous,' he says. 'You'll meet lots of great people. It's such an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours whenever it suits you, and once you've finished, you'll feel like you’ve done something really rewarding.'

If you fancy being a part of a great team in a flexible way, then why not search for local Action Team opportunities on the Volunteering Village today? With the challenge events season about to kick off, there are lots of events to get involved in.