Blossom in your role

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Macmillan is passionate about supporting volunteers to grow and develop. And, with an array of learning and development opportunities on offer, there’s never been a better time to refresh your skills. One great way to do this is by asking a fellow volunteer to buddy up with you and share their wisdom. So, why not blow away the winter cobwebs and learn something new while making your time matter this spring?

If you’re keen to be the best you can be in your volunteer role, then you might already know about the many free learning and development tools at your fingertips on LearnZone. In addition to this, Macmillan also offers volunteers the brilliant opportunity to team up with a fellow volunteer as part of a buddying scheme. After all, sometimes the best way to learn and grow is by learning from the knowledge and experiences of others.

Grace, a fundraising volunteer and student from Romford, says she has benefitted enormously from the support and encouragement from her buddy, Pauline.

'I decided to start volunteering because it sounded like fun and because I know how important fundraising is for Macmillan,' says Grace. 'I help out with collections and tombolas for a couple of hours a few weekends a month, volunteering with Pauline – the lady who runs the fundraising group.'

Grace says that she’s become a better volunteer thanks to Pauline taking her under her wing and sharing her wealth of experience. What’s more, she says that Pauline’s constant support has helped her to become more confident in her role too.

'Pauline is brilliant,' says Grace. 'She’s taught me so much about how to deal with people and she’s passed on all her local knowledge. She’s given me all her tips and tricks for staying happy and keeping the energy up on collections too – she’s always coming up with songs and rhymes to keep everyone smiling!'

Pals for life

Getting a fellow volunteer to become your buddy or shadowing someone – either an experienced volunteer or someone in a volunteer role that you are interested in – could be a great way to boost your knowledge and confidence. Not only will you be able to tap into someone else’s expertise and skills, but you may also make a good friend to boot.

'Pauline and I get on so well,' says Grace. 'If I bump into her when I’m out and about, we go for a coffee. She’s always telling me about her grandkids and it’s really great to have a new pal.'

If you are interested in bagging a buddy or shadowing a volunteer you find inspiring, please ask your Volunteer Manager if they could match you with someone. Alternatively, why not head to your next local volunteering event or the upcoming Volunteer Conference and Awards and find someone for yourself? Don’t be shy!