Our conference and awards just keep getting better

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We’re still buzzing from our Volunteer Conference and Awards, despite the fact it happened all the way back in May. And, considering the feedback that’s still coming in from many of the volunteers who attended the event, we’re not the only ones.

Emotional. Uplifting. Humbling. Inspiring. These are just some of the words that this year's attendees used to describe the event. The fantastic programme included stirring speeches from the likes of Joelle Leader, Macmillan’s Volunteering Director, and Lynda Thomas, Macmillan’s Chief Executive, who appeared alongside her sister Helen – an inspiring volunteer who shared her cancer experiences.

The event kicked off on the Friday with a brilliant exhibition featuring stands that showcased the wide range of support and resources available to Macmillan volunteers. 

Over on the Spotlight Stage, our expert exhibitors presented an array of handy tools and tips on all kinds of topics, from cancer information to cyber security. Then, throughout the weekend, volunteers enjoyed a host of invaluable Learning and Development workshops such as ‘Boost your fundraising’, ‘Managing stress’ and ‘Signposting to support’.

Celebrating exceptional achievements

At Friday night’s glamorous Awards ceremony, attendees listened to the uplifting stories of our Volunteer Award winners before hitting the dance floor and showing off their groovy moves. Many volunteers told us that what they heard during the evening fired them up to make their time matter more than ever. 

Carol, a first time attendee, said, ‘Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this. I'm honoured to have met so many wonderful fellow volunteers. It was my first time and hopefully not my last. Well done to all the deserving winners.’

And it wasn’t just those at the venue who benefited. By live streaming the event’s keynote speeches on social media, more than a thousand volunteers were able to get involved in the action from the comfort of their homes. 

We love feedback

Over 120 attendees shared their thoughts about our Conference and Awards in a post-event survey. Here are a few snippets from the results: 

  • 91% of respondents said they learned something new that they can use in their volunteer role 
  • 98% felt part of a valued Macmillan community 
  • 94% left feeling inspired to share Macmillan’s work with others 
  • 95% said they can see how their contribution makes a difference 
  • 92% felt they would recommend the conference to other Macmillan volunteers. 

Recognise an outstanding volunteer at next year’s event 

If you know an exceptional volunteer who’s worthy of some serious kudos, why not put them forward for a Volunteer Award? They’ll receive a notification to let them know how appreciated they are, as well as being put forward for a regional award – and potentially even the national awards ceremony next year. 

Nominations are open throughout October, so why not download the nominations booklet today for tips on how to write a great submission?