Bringing down the cost of cancer

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The Macmillan Grants Team helps people on a low income with the costs that can be incurred as a result of cancer, such as travel to hospital, heating and clothing. Sitting within this is the volunteer-driven Grants Advocates Team.

Fiona, Volunteer Grants Advocate, explains how the team works: 'We work with other charities to see if we can get additional grants for people. It's a very rewarding thing to do.' The Volunteer Grants Advocates work hard to build up relationships with grant-giving organisations. They then identify people affected by cancer who would benefit from these grants and support them through the application process. 

Grants like this can make the difference between someone being able to heat their home and that person suffering through a cold winter.

The team is ten-strong and made up of volunteers from a range of backgrounds. Fiona says, 'It doesn't matter if you haven't done anything financial before because Macmillan will give you all the training you need. I'm doing something really different and I'm part of a team I love.' 

'We are quite a new team but we're already helping 35 people a month,' explains Jennie, Grants Partnerships & Volunteers Team Leader. Last year, the team helped to secure over £86,000 for people affected by cancer. Due to these fantastic results, and the significant growth of the team, they have set an ambitious new goal of more than double that amount. And with just a few more weeks to go, we're delighted to report that the team are very much on course! There are plans to expand the team again, so make sure you check the Volunteering Village for current opportunities.