A little help from our friends

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Each year Macmillan makes thousands of calls to fundraisers to wish them luck before their World's Biggest Coffee Morning event and to thank them afterwards for the money they raised. 

That's a lot of calls, so we’re grateful for the help given by teams of volunteers from our corporate partners, such as Nationwide and npower. 

These volunteers help us reach literally thousands of extra Coffee Morning hosts, so we're delighted to welcome on board even more volunteers from Argos and Inchcape this year.

Positivity is infectious

Our fundraisers really are amazing, so we think the least we can do is give them a little call, make sure they feel supported and let them know how much their help means to us. We also know that these calls can make a huge difference to the amount of money raised: Travis Perkins branches that received a call before hosting a Coffee Morning raised an average of 78% more than ones that didn't.

For and by communities

Ami, Quality Supervisor at Nationwide, explained, 'The reason why I wanted to volunteer was that three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Macmillan was a massive help to me and my family at the time. After having all of my treatment and operations, I’m now well enough to give something back.' 

Ami and her colleagues have hugely enjoyed the experience of volunteering for Macmillan and it shows: between them, they’ve reached a staggering 6,000 supporters this year!

Reaching even more people

'We reached out to so many different people who are holding a Coffee Morning. They were so pleased we’d been in touch with them and were really positive. Some of the things they’re doing are just phenomenal.' 

In total, our corporate volunteers helped us thank an extra 10,000 Coffee Morning hosts last year, but we’d love to reach even more. Our corporate partners get involved in lots of different ways so if you’re interested in exploring how your workplace could work with Macmillan, we’d love to hear from you.