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People affected by cancer have a higher chance of developing mental health problems than the general population, but they needn’t face them alone.

Macmillan offers a range of emotional support services - and with your help we can reach even more people. A cancer diagnosis can be a devastating experience that can lead to mental health problems, including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and psychological distress. Last month, we encouraged conversations around these concerns on our social media channels during Mental Health Awareness Week.

'Having cancer can be a very lonely experience. Often people having treatment have had to give up work, so they don't have that support structure. If they're not feeling great, they can get stuck in the house. Coming into the hospital can actually be a great support to them and I get a real sense of helping them.' Murray, a volunteer buddy at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton.

If you'd like to become a buddy or a companion to help support people affected by cancer, just head to our volunteering pages and look for an opportunity near you.


Your role is crucial

If you come in to contact with people affected by cancer when you're volunteering, you're well placed to identify anyone at risk from mental health problems. If you notice a change in someone's state of mind, let them know they can call us for emotional support on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 8pm) or visit our support pages.

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Don't forget to look after yourself

Make your own mental health a priority too. Now is the perfect time to enjoy summertime walks, plus you can order our free relaxation CD.

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