Put your best foot forward this summer

With the Olympics, Paralympics and Euro football on their way, this summer is the perfect time to get active outdoors. What’s more, by volunteering for Walking for Health, a scheme run by Macmillan and the Ramblers, you can support people affected by cancer while you’re doing it.

The importance of keeping active

Physical activity can bring a whole host of benefits for everyone. For volunteers like you, activity can be a great form of self-care that gives you a mood-enhancing buzz. For people affected by cancer, it’s a great way to take back control. It can also help prevent and manage some of the effects of treatment, such as fatigue, depression, muscle wasting and risks to heart health. Throw some sunny summer weather into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect incentive to get outside.

Getting started is a walk in the park

If you enjoy walking and want to improve lives in your area, you could make a perfect Walking for Health walk leader. The programme offers free short and friendly walks, and volunteering opportunities around the UK, and we’re always looking for volunteers to help run it. 

One person who did just that was Annelize, a Macmillan volunteer Walking for Health coordinator in Guildford. Annelize says she loves her role because she’s experienced the benefits of walking first-hand.

‘The social aspect is a big draw,’ she says. ‘The walks are a great way for people to be social, to laugh and chat for a while. I suffered from depression and found that walking really helped. It's fantastic to see the positive effect that being part of a walking group has on people.’

Volunteering for Walking for Health is a great way to stretch your legs, explore what’s on your doorstep, and make new friends.