Take your fundraising further: five top tips

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Volunteers like you raised more than £8 million for Macmillan last year. And without your support, we just couldn’t do what we do for people affected by cancer. So to help you raise even more this year, we asked our award-winning fundraising committee to share their top tips. Why not share some of your own tips on our Facebook page today?

Winner's wisdom

The Scunthorpe Fundraising Committee recently won a Macmillan volunteer award for their outstanding efforts. We caught up with Jenni, a member of the committee, to find out the group’s expert advice on raising plenty of pounds and pennies for Macmillan.


1. Promote yourself locally

'We get to know what’s going on in our area and everybody gets to know us. Often, we're in our local paper and we make ourselves available for community events that are supporting Macmillan. We might not always get revenue for our support, but they're likely to remember us in the future.'

2. Get online

'We've got someone on the committee now who's very good at social media which has helped to promote us more widely, especially to our younger audience. We've also got our own committee website where we provide information and promote local events. It also has links to the main Macmillan website.'

3. Use what you've got

'We use the talents on our team; they're our biggest asset. We've been going for such a long time and we're always getting new people in. We're a mixed bunch and we all have different skills to offer.'

4. Mix it up

'We try to put on events that will appeal to a wide range of people. One month we might have a fashion show and the next month it might be a meal. And if we get something that's successful, we sometimes make it an annual event. But most of all, we keep doing it!'

5. Seize an opportunity

'We never seem to take our Macmillan hat off. Whenever there's a chance to fundraise, we're in there. Whether at our place of work or at social events, we are always looking to promote Macmillan.'

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