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Across the UK, Macmillan volunteers are supporting their local areas in new and interesting ways. A good example of this is our Macmillan Cancer Partnership in Nottinghamshire, where trained volunteers are powering some of the projects to help people affected by cancer. 

People power in Nottinghamshire

This pioneering £3.5m partnership was set up just over a year ago to support the growing number of people living with and beyond cancer. 

It now includes 21 projects ranging from big cancer pathway redesign programmes to physical activity schemes. Volunteering is central to many of these projects with local people offering a range of help and advice.

A closer look

Among the projects is the Boots Volunteering Scheme. Here, volunteers offer befriending and practical support to people in their homes when someone has finished treatment or if they’re at the end of their life. This can involve cleaning, ironing or just making a great cup of tea. 

Claire is a volunteer who is part of the scheme. She says,

'I like helping out with gardening and painting. Through the practical work, people come to trust you and some talk to you about their treatment and how they feel. Sometimes people just want someone to listen to them.

'Volunteering is very grounding and helps me to put things into perspective. A bad day at work is nothing compared to what some of the people are dealing with. I always feel that what I see as a small amount of effort from me can make a big difference to others. And it just makes me feel good inside!'

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Sometimes people just want someone to listen to them.

Claire, practical volunteer with the Boots Volunteering Scheme