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From learning how to manage your time to understanding how to empathise with others, you can gain a range of professional and personal skills through volunteering. Our free development journal can help you keep track of how volunteering benefits you.

Getting ahead

Someone who has benefitted from volunteering is Jake. After a year of volunteering, he has landed a job in marketing at Nationwide, which he starts this month. 

Jake says, 'I'm thrilled to be starting my first job. I think my volunteering experience really helped me when I was applying for roles and answering the questions in my interviews. I didn't hesitate to put Macmillan on my CV.

'I learnt about working in a team and how to communicate my ideas. And it's also the little things, like learning how to use emails and developing social networks. These are skills that are important to have outside of volunteering too.'

Whatever your volunteer role, you'll learn skills that can help you in the future. Order your free journal from be.Macmillan to keep track of your progress and see how you can develop further.

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Keep track of your progress and see how you can develop further.

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