Liam on being a fundraising volunteer and speaker

Liam mainly volunteers working alongside his local fundraising team.

He also represents Macmillan by attending functions, receiving donations on our behalf and giving talks.

Liam's story

Most of my working life has involved working with the public. When I retired, I didn’t want all that experience to go to waste. Volunteering for Macmillan allows me to use my experience and those skills in a structured and fulfilling way. Macmillan is now very much part of my life.

I work closely with the local Fundraising Managers. I also represent Macmillan by attending functions to receive donations, or to give a talk about Macmillan. I have been given the opportunity to cover a number of different roles on behalf of Macmillan, which have included our corporate partners, schools, organisations, and helping local committees with their World’s Biggest Coffee Morning event organisation and other fundraising events.

I really enjoy the variety of volunteering for Macmillan. One day I might be collecting outside a supermarket, and the next day giving a talk about Macmillan to anything from ten to a hundred people in order to raise awareness.

There is also a good team spirit with my local Fundraising Managers, other volunteers and the local committees.

Volunteering brings many rewards; not visible but in terms of what you feel. Giving your time to make life better for other people is the best reward.

You can donate to Macmillan which is great, but sometimes giving time can be even more valuable. We all have hidden skills and talents and using them in a volunteering role can bring a few surprises as to what we are capable of.