Andy on volunteering

Macmillan volunteer, Andy, dressed in cycling gear, leans on the handles of his bike in a park.
Macmillan volunteer, Andy, dressed in cycling gear, leans on the handles of his bike in a park.

Following his recovery from having cancer twice, Andy is now a member of the Volunteer Forum. He’s a committed volunteer who likes to get involved as much as he can, so we asked him to take us through his year as a Macmillan volunteer in 2017.

Andy's story

I volunteer because I had a cancer diagnosis and Macmillan, without a shadow of a doubt, is the reason I’m still around today. I would have given up before now if I didn’t have Macmillan’s support.

As part of the Volunteer Forum, I sit on the Media and Comms group. We do various things, but one of the things we do, which is very inspirational, is look at all the stories that are sent to us for inclusion in Volunteer News. It’s really challenging to pick out what we think readers want to hear about.

We were also shown the new brand campaign, ‘Life with Cancer’. For someone who’s been affected by cancer, the reality and honesty really hit home with me. I went from Andy the Police Sergeant to Andy with cancer. I was struggling with that. But Macmillan showed me that life with cancer is still life.

I was so enthusiastic during the presentation that the Brand team invited me to help launch it to Macmillan staff in the London office. That was a huge honour and the highlight of my volunteer experience so far.

On the same day, I was asked to help kick off the ‘Life with Cancer’ social media campaign by going along to Battersea Park in full cycling lycra and with a film crew in tow – I don’t know how I end up doing these things!

I sit on the Regional Awards panel so I’ve been busy over the last few months of 2017 helping to select the incredible 2018 Volunteer Awards winners, and I’m now part of an exciting new project developing the new ‘Macmillan Neighbour’ volunteer role.

Being a volunteer keeps me among friends and gives me a reason to keep going. It adds worth to my life and a direction. For me it’s a fantastic opportunity.