Cancer nursing on the line

UK cancer services are slowly recovering from the devastating blow caused by COVID-19. However, the pandemic has both laid bare and worsened the terrible strain the cancer workforce has been under for many years. This is causing people with cancer to miss out on vital support they need.

Macmillan’s new research highlights that there aren’t enough specialist cancer nurses. Those we have are being stretched too thin trying to be there at our time of greatest need while coping with the physical and emotional toll of the pandemic. Unless our governments act now to address the gap and better support the dedicated workforce that we have, this crisis is set to get worse.

Each government in the UK must deliver a fully funded long-term workforce plan to grow and support the cancer workforce in order to meet the needs of people living with cancer.

Macmillan is calling for Governments across the UK to invest around £170 million to fund the training costs of creating nearly 4,000 specialist cancer nurses required in 2030 to provide the care people need.