Yorkshire Appeal

Last year, we lost over £1 million in income across Yorkshire. Help us raise funds to cover our emergency response and vital services for the 179,000 people currently living with cancer in the region.

The impact of COVID-19 on cancer care

The proportion of people living with cancer in Yorkshire is higher than almost anywhere else in England. With many cancer services facing significant challenges as a result of COVID-19, we need your help now more than ever to ensure people living with cancer get the support they need.ᶦ

Since March 2020, thousands of people living with cancer have had potentially lifesaving treatment cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many people have been forced to face cancer alone, as lockdown restrictions have left them separated from loved ones. People living with cancer have had to deal with the practical, financial and emotional consequences of their situation during a very challenging time. As a result, 270,000 people with cancer in the UK have experienced panic attacks and anxiety attacks.ᶦᶦ

Caption: giant footprints appear on the sand of Cayton Bay beach to represent 50,000 cancer patients missing diagnoses.

Why we need your help

The pandemic has caused significant disruption to and even stopped some cancer services. The NHS now has huge work to do to restore vital lifesaving screening and treatment services, as well as deal with the backlog of cancelled appointments.

We want to be there for every person diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire needing support. The significant rise in the number of people being diagnosed, combined with the untold challenges the pandemic has created for patients and for cancer services, means we simply can’t do this without you.

With your help, we can support people living with cancer in Yorkshire and help the NHS to diagnose people early and treat them as quickly as possible. We will do this by:

  • investing in critical new Macmillan professionals, like nurses and support workers
  • providing training and resources to existing professionals so they can give people with cancer the support they need, every step of the way
  • providing Macmillan Grants to help the most financially vulnerable patients cover essential costs
  • helping people avoid financial difficulties by providing expert advice around benefits, finances and work through the Macmillan Support Line.

Macmillan professionals play a vital role in supporting people’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Their compassion and clinical expertise could not be more needed than it is right now.

We rely on our supporters for 98% of the money we raise. However, we expect to be down by £175 million in voluntary income by the end of 2022ᶦᵛ. This significant drop at a time when a growing number of people who need our support in Yorkshire, means we need your help like never before.

The difference your support makes

We want to be there for every person living with cancer in Yorkshire who needs us, but we can’t do it without you. With your support, we can invest in more Macmillan professionals so that people get the vital help they need throughout their cancer journey. We can also provide the urgent financial support people need to get through this difficult period.

  • £118 could pay for a Macmillan support worker for one day, helping people with cancer to get the urgent support they need.
  • £585 could support our welfare rights advisers to run the welfare rights element of our phone service for one hour. In this time they could, on average, deal with 14 calls and web enquiries. They could also help secure around £20,799 in unclaimed benefits for people affected by cancer.
  • £4,975 could pay for a Macmillan nurse for one month, helping people living with cancer in Yorkshire and their families receive essential medical, practical and emotional support.

If you would like to fundraise towards this particular appeal, you can do so by setting up your fundraising page through our JustGiving campaign page.

Please note, in the very unlikely event of a surplus of funds arising we will use the surplus on vital Macmillan services to help people living with cancer across the UK.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more information about our Yorkshire Appeal or talk to someone about how you might be able to help us, get in touch today so we can discuss the unique difference you can make.

Call us on 0300 1000 200 or email fundraising@macmillan.org.uk.