Discounted Will Writing Terms and Conditions

Summary of service 

As part of its wider message to promote good financial planning, Macmillan Cancer Support (‘Macmillan’) has partnered with a number of organisations who specialise in writing wills. We have created a recommended panel (‘Recommended Panel’) which will be able to provide Macmillan’s supporters with access to high quality services. A full list of participating partners is available on the Macmillan Discounted Will Writing Service website, or by contacting Macmillan directly. 

Please note that the services are provided by the Recommended Panel of partners, not Macmillan. Should you choose to use the services of any of the Recommended Panel of partners, you will enter into a direct contractual relationship with the relevant partner and not Macmillan. Your chosen partner from the Recommended Panel may contact you via phone, email, text and post. Although Macmillan has no reason to believe that the services provided by the Recommended Panel of partners are of poor quality, it cannot endorse or guarantee that the services provided by any of the Recommended Panel are of a better quality than any other providers in the field of will services. 

Macmillan recommends that you carry out your own independent research on the providers who are part of the Recommended Panel and other service providers in the same field and only choose the services of the Recommended Panel of providers if you are satisfied with their quality of service. 

Macmillan excludes all liabilities, losses, damages, claims, costs and expenses arising as a result of your use of the services provided by the providers of the Recommended Panel, unless the liabilities, losses, damages, claims, costs and expenses are caused as a direct result of Macmillan’s negligent act. 

Payment of wills 

Wills sold by partners on the Recommended Panel will be at a discounted price and paid for by the Supporter. The price of the will and discount available varies depending on the will writing channel and partner, as well as the complexity of the will.

Age Restriction 

All customers must be 18 years of age or above to use this service. 

Leaving a Gift to Macmillan 

There is no obligation to include a gift in your will to Macmillan when using the Discounted Will Writing Service. However, we would hugely value your support in this way as we rely on gifts in wills for almost a third of Macmillan’s income. We encourage everyone benefitting from this offer to consider leaving Macmillan a small percentage of their estate after ensuring their loved ones’ needs are looked after. 

If you wish to leave a gift in your will to Macmillan, please include the charity’s registered charity number and postal address. 

Address: Macmillan Cancer Support, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7UQ 

Charity Number: Registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SCO39907) and the Isle of Man (604).