Mo on money and cancer

Published: 07 March 2019
Mo, 56, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. His cancer was inoperable and meant that he had to give up his job. The costs of living felt like a weight on his shoulders. Macmillan helped Mo to fill out forms to claim financial support and gave him a grant to cover heating costs.

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How we can help

Macmillan Grants

If you have cancer, you may be able to get a Macmillan Grant to help with the extra costs of cancer. Find out who can apply and how to access our grants.

Financial guidance
Financial issues can cause worry when someone becomes ill. You may be able to claim benefits to help you in your situation. You may also be able to get financial assistance from other organisations.
Welfare rights advice and tools

There are lots of benefits that could help you after a cancer diagnosis, but the system can be confusing. Our Welfare Rights Advisors are here to help.