Our partnership with Soltan

We are delighted to launch our partnership with Soltan, our official Sun Safety Partner for 2022.

Soltan is a leading sun care range for adults, children and babies only available in Boots.

In 1992, Soltan developed Europe’s first UVA star rating system, which has become widely used across the industry. The system ensures consistency across sun care ranges when showing the level of protection provided against harmful UVA rays that cause permanent skin damage.

Soltan were the first brand to include 5 star UVA in all of their products and continue this today, with the biggest range of 5 star UVA products available.

We’re proudly partnering with Soltan, as our official Sun Safety Partner, to ensure everyone has access to the information and protection they need to stay safe in the sun.

Our partnership also helps raise funds to deliver services needed by people living with cancer, including skin cancer.

Sun safety

Protecting yourself from the sun is very important, especially if you have had treatment for skin cancer. Macmillan and Soltan recommend using a sun cream with factor 30+ and 5 star UVA protection to support in protecting your skin in the sun. Additional measures to reduce risk associated with sun exposure should be taken.

We have information to help you protect your skin in the sun.

Support for people with cancer

We're working with Boots and Soltan to help everyone living with cancer find the information and support they need to feel more like themselves again.

Our Boots Macmillan Information Pharmacists are professional pharmacists employed by Boots. They volunteer some of their time in work to support customers living with or affected by cancer. They are trained to understand how cancer diagnosis and treatment can affect people. They can also answer questions about medication and guide people to other sources of information and support.

Our Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisors are No7 Advisors trained by Macmillan and Boots to give face-to-face advice to help people cope with visible side effects of cancer and its treatment. From defining sparse brows and lashes to caring for nails that are suddenly more brittle, they offer tips to help people feel, and look, more like themselves again. Boots also offer a Mole Scanning Service, which provides you with an assessment of moles and pigmented lesions you’re worried about, which can help to identify any that might be suspicious.

Macmillan and Soltan are in partnership to educate and promote sun safety. Macmillan recommends using a sun cream with factor 30+ and 5 star UVA protection as an aid to protect your skin in the sun. Additional measures to reduce the risk associated with sun exposure should be taken. Macmillan’s participation in this partnership does not constitute an endorsement of Soltan products.