Our partnership with Fujitsu

Technology company Fujitsu has been working together with Macmillan since November 2016. Together, we’re taking advantage of Fujitsu’s digital skills and expertise to support various charity projects that will help Macmillan transform our volunteers’ digital experience.

Improving the volunteering experience

Fujitsu are supporting a project to help Macmillan to improve the ways we engage and support our volunteers digitally. This will mean we can improve how we manage and support Macmillan volunteers and volunteer managers in order to reach more people living with cancer.

Fujitsu staff have also been volunteering their time to support Macmillan in all sorts of other unique ways, including a business mentoring scheme. This involves Fujitsu’s expert project managers mentoring and coaching Macmillan project managers to help them develop their personal and professional skills and capabilities.

Innovative fundraising

Fujitsu have also worked with Macmillan to develop innovative fundraising solutions like contactless donations. We were given the opportunity to work with Fujitsu’s Activ8 team in preparation for the Fujitsu World Tour 2017. As part of this process Fujitsu have helped us to test contactless technology for the first time. As a result, we raised over £380 through contactless technology at the event. Using our feedback from the testing, Fujitsu have finalised the technology behind Macmillan’s contactless donation offer. So far, we have 12 contactless donation buckets and lanyards that we regularly take to the public at collections and fundraising events.

In addition to this, we had the chance to work with Fujitsu’s Junior Talent Pool to raise funds and donate time and expertise to the partnership. These groups have raised over £17,000 for Macmillan, including matched funding from Fujitsu. Not only that but we’re working with Fujitsu graduates, who are creating innovative solutions to improve how we engage challenge events participants and corporate partners.

Raising money

Finally, Fujitsu has pledged to raise £200,000 over two years through a range of employee-led events. These include donating an hour’s wage, Easter fundraisers, quizzes, golf days, 5K races and more, including, of course, World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. So far, Fujitsu employees have raised over £100,000 through these activities.