Our partnership with Aviva

Aviva and Macmillan have been working together since 2014, on a programme that supports its Critical Insurance policy holders who have a cancer diagnosis by helping drive down the time it takes to receive a claim payment.

To decrease the amount of time required for a claim to be turned around, Aviva advisors liaise directly with a customer’s Macmillan Cancer Nurse Specialist within the NHS to provide the relevant information for the claim to be completed and reducing the turnaround time to an average of 20 days.

Aviva and Macmillan are also now working together to train more than 200 front-line Aviva protection claims employees to provide support to Aviva customers living with cancer. This will be implemented through a conversation on how Macmillan can support customers and by signposting them to the most relevant Macmillan support service, and the signposting will also be integrated through a number of different internal and external customer facing Aviva channels.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, or would like more information on how we work with companies, please contact our team at corporate@macmillan.org.uk.