Steven McIntosh

Executive Director of Advocacy and Communications

Steven is responsible for Macmillan’s advocacy, policy, campaigns and communications activity. He works to ensure people living with cancer have a voice, to increase awareness about the help and services we offer and to inspire the public to support and campaign with Macmillan.

Steven's strategy

Steven wants people living with cancer to be heard. Through Macmillan’s communications and advocacy, he helps ensure that everyone living with cancer knows that we will support and fight for them.

We achieve this by telling Macmillan’s story, giving a platform for people to speak about what it is like to live with cancer, building relationships with decision-makers across the UK and using our evidence and expertise to campaign for change.

Career and credentials

Steven joined Macmillan in March 2020 as Director of Policy, Campaigns and Influencing and, as of January 2021, he became Executive Director of our Advocacy & Communications directorate.

He joined us from Save the Children where he was a member of the Executive Leadership Team with responsibility for organisational change on workplace culture, inclusion and HR support. Steven was previously Save the Children’s Director of UK Poverty and Head of Government Relations - leading award-winning advocacy on global issues including refugee rights and overseas aid, and early education and welfare reform here in the UK.

His first role in the sector was at member-led charity Carers UK where he managed policy, public affairs and media teams fighting for the rights of unpaid carers.

Steven is an advisory board member of Amnesty International’s global governance group and spent five years volunteering as a magistrate in London’s adult criminal courts.

The non-work-stuff

He lives in North London with his partner, loves making food and trying to grow stuff in their garden. Having run the London Marathon a few years ago for Carers UK and failed completely to keep it up, he’s set a target to run a half marathon for Macmillan in the next year.