Dr Fran Woodard MBA, DProf

Executive Director of Policy and Impact

Fran is committed to bringing out the heart of what matters to people during and after life with cancer, to ensure the best possible care and support is available.

Fran’s strategy

Fran leads our Policy and Impact Directorate to ensure Macmillan’s work is driven by evidence, insight and expertise. She does this by listening to the experiences of people diagnosed with cancer, which helps us to understand the impact we can have.

Having worked with (and within) the NHS, in academia, and with many health and social care organisations for over 30 years, she draws on her extensive knowledge, experience and passion to bring Macmillan's strategy to life.

Her knowledge is shared across the organisation and impacts the work we deliver, the campaigns we create and the way we work with organisations. Fran's team also supports all 7,900 of our amazing Macmillan professionals, across all four nations.

Career and credentials

Fran joined Macmillan in 2013 as the Director of England, Policy and Research and became the Executive Director of Policy and Impact in October 2015.

Fran is highly experienced on the clinical side of the cancer experience and has influenced future generations of the cancer workforce. Before joining Macmillan, Fran was a Director at King’s Health Partners, where she developed the Integrated Cancer Centre programme.

She also led successful multi-organisational transformational programmes to improve clinical care for people living cancer. This includes a radical new clinical and research facility, driving research and academic agendas and instigating commercial partnerships. She is also a successful academic author.

Fran's experience in the theory and application of change within the healthcare world is a huge asset to Macmillan. In 2014, we were very proud when Fran was named one of the Top 50 Inspiring Women in Healthcare by the Health Services Journal.

The non-work stuff

When it comes to skiing, cycling and walking, Fran is your woman. With a love for life, a passion for people and a drive to make Macmillan's vision a reality, Fran enjoys holidays in France, skiing in the winter months and walking in the summer.

Cycling is a very important part of Fran's life and she loves cycling to her meetings. When in France, she also enjoys cheering on Tour de France riders as they whizz by.