Claire Rowney

Executive Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Innovation

Claire is responsible for Macmillan’s Fundraising, Marketing and Innovation activities. She inspires individuals and companies to support us financially and ensures they have a brilliant experience when they do. Claire is also responsible for making sure people with cancer in the UK know how we can support them, and how to access our services.

Claire’s strategy

Claire’s strategy is to focus on building relevance with supporters, partners and people with cancer to ensure they understand the work we do. By building long-term relationships with supporters and partners, we can ensure everyone gets the support they need, at the right time, and in the right way. When people give to Macmillan or take part in an event, Claire leads the team that helps them get involved in a way that’s inspiring, fulfilling and suits them.

Career and credentials

Claire has spent most of her career working with cancer charities and is passionate about improving outcomes and experiences for people with cancer. She is the current Chair of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and is interested in developing a more established route into fundraising and marketing careers for young people – she believes they are the best jobs in the world.

Claire has worked in fundraising and marketing for over 20 years and was voted most influential person in Fundraising by Civil Society Magazine in 2018. Her career began in commercial event management. She then moved into the charity sector to deliver events for the National Deaf Children’s Society and prior to joining Macmillan was Executive Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Save the Children.

The non-work stuff

Claire is a born and bred Londoner, mum to two teenagers and is married to a physics teacher. Claire likes running, spinning, cooking and shares a passion for live music, roller coasters and visiting the cinema with her family. Claire plays the harp and loves to travel.