Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson is the presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme, having previously been the BBC’s Political Editor for ten years. 

Nick was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015 and during an operation to successfully remove the tumour, Nick suffered damage to his vocal chords. He described this damage as a devastating shock given that his voice is critical to his work.

Drawing support from his Macmillan nurse, Michael, who was on-hand to listen to his greatest fears and frustrations, Nick also credits Michael with talking him through the options available to him and, along with his family, his speech therapist and BBC bosses, Michael helped Nick to focus on his goal of taking part in the 205 general election coverage. Nick has spoken about the support he received from Macmillan in order to raise awareness of our nurses and other professionals, and World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. Nick has also been an attendee at our events including Spencer House in September.

Follow Nick on Twitter: @bbcnickrobinson

It had been a hellish few months – which my Macmillan nurse helped me get through. He was there to listen to me at my hour of need, when I was at my most frightened. They are incredible people.