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There are hundreds of people affected by cancer who are willing to share their story, give an opinion, a quote, or a full interview. We may have just the person for you. Here are just a few...

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Sam, 30

Sam was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma when he was 10. He formed a close bond with his Macmillan nurse, Moira, who he’s kept in regular touch with in the 20 years since his treatment. In addition to working for Macmillan, that experience inspired him to take to his bike in 2014, completing a unique round-the-world trip that’s raised over £250,000.

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Deanne, 43

Deanne (mum of three) was diagnosed with throat cancer cancer in February 2014. The cost of giving up work was such that her and her family lost their home. Macmillan supported Deanne with grants as well as specialist dietary advice on her road to recovery after surgery.

A woman sits in a kitchen thinking.

Daloni, 52

Daloni received a late diagnosis of womb cancer in 2014. She used Macmillan's Online Community to connect with others going through a similar experience. Daloni has since volunteered her time for Macmillan, championing the importance of early diagnosis and the benefits of the Online Community.

A man stands in a kitchen thinking. He has one hand rested on his hip.

Paul, 63

Paul, a retired science teacher, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. He struggled with the side effects of hormone therapy but was pointed toward the information and support he needed at Macmillan’s local support centre. At the centre, Paul learnt that there was also emotional support available for his wife, Angela. She was assigned a nurse to whom she could speak as often as she needed.

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