Support from regional teams

Our regional teams are here to support you with communication, service development, training, volunteers and any general enquiries.

Geographical Delivery teams

The Geographical Delivery teams are your primary point of contact with Macmillan. They identify, develop and implement new Macmillan posts and services for people affected by cancer in your region, extending to health and social care services. Some may also act as representatives on Cancer Network boards and other advisory groups.

They develop and support self-help and support groups, as well as Macmillan’s network of Cancer Voices. Each team also has a GP adviser who supports and advises other Macmillan GP's and professionals, including members of the Geographical Delivery teams themselves.

If you have any questions about your role please contact a member of the administration team in the first instance. They are available during office hours and can direct your query appropriately:

  • England: 01904 651 700
  • Northern Ireland: 028 9070 8610
  • Scotland: 0131 260 3720
  • Wales: 01656 867 960

Learning and Development team

This team can help you identify and meet your learning and development needs. They support new and established professionals, helping them to do the best possible job and provide the best possible services.

They also offer information and advice about specific Macmillan training and resources and develop courses for people affected by cancer and volunteers.

To find out more and see some examples of courses offered to Macmillan professionals, visit Learn Zone or contact your local Learning and Development team.

External Affairs

If you need to promote your service to colleagues, the media or people affected by cancer, the External Affairs team can help.

This team raises awareness of who Macmillan is, what we do and how people can support us. They can advise you on how to promote and explain your service to your colleagues, people affected by cancer and the public.

They can also offer you advice on developing links with local media, marketing your service and producing communications for different audiences, including colleagues where you work and elsewhere.


Whether you are looking to recruit volunteers for the first time or have been working with them for a long time, your regional Macmillan Volunteering Adviser can provide you with expert information and advice.

For more volunteering information, see the FAQs on involving volunteers.

Fundraising Support Centre

The Fundraising Support Centre provides support for all local fundraising activities. If you have a fundraising enquiry, please contact the team on 0300 1000 200, or email them. You could also direct any patients or clients to the Fundraising Support Centre if they wish to fundraise for Macmillan, or send them to the local fundraising pages on our website.

Contact your regional teams

Wherever you are in the UK, you can get in touch with our support teams at They are here to help with service development, training, volunteers and any other general enquiries.