Information and support services

Macmillan information and support professionals come from a variety of different professional backgrounds. Most of them run local information and support services, but some run specific projects, which may be local or national.

We have been very involved in the development of information prescriptions in England, and are currently working on a similar approach to tailored information for people affected by cancer in Scotland.

The role

Macmillan information and support professionals provide support to people affected by cancer or run projects to improve the information or support that is available.

They demonstrate skills in assessing information needs, identifying appropriate evidence-based information sources and communicating effectively with people affected by cancer and with colleagues.

Key responsibilities

  • Development and improvement of the services in line with the quality standards outlined in the Macmillan Quality in Information and Support Services (MQuISS) quality standards.
  • Effective project management, ensuring projects meet the needs of people affected by cancer.
  • Ensuring people affected by cancer have access to all of the services and sources of support they need by signposting and/or referring to other teams and services when required.
  • Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of all of the services offered by Macmillan including the Macmillan Support Line, grants team, mobile information and support services, website and online community, and facilitating access to other services when appropriate.
  • Maintaining an in-depth knowledge of the services and sources of support available in the local area, and building high quality relationships across health and social care.