Pelvic radiotherapy explained

Radiotherapy to the pelvis can cause different side effects.

  • About pelvic radiotherapy

    Pelvic radiotherapy can be used to treat cancers of the bladder, rectum, anus, prostate, vulva, vagina, womb or cervix.

  • The pelvis

    Information on the pelvic area of the body.

  • Side effects during treatment

    You may have side effects during and shortly after your treatment. The healthcare team will help you to manage these.

  • Sex life during treatment

    Pelvic radiotherapy can effect your sex life. Talk to your doctor or specialist nurse for advice.

  • Fertility and pelvic radiotherapy

    Pelvic radiotherapy can affect your fertility. This can be distressing but getting the right support can help you to find ways of coping.

  • Well-being and recovery

    After pelvic radiotherapy there may be changes you can make to help your recovery.