The Young Macmillan Champion Award

for inspiring and exceptional young volunteers

This award recognises exceptional volunteers aged 25 years and under who are advocates of Macmillan's work, raise large amounts of money, use entrepreneurial initiatives to support Macmillan, care for others with cancer, or who are living with cancer themselves and inspire others.

2017 UK winner - Adam Lyne
The online gaming ace using his influence

As an inspiring young entrepreneur, Adam realised that he could combine his unique talent for online gaming with his passion for Macmillan to achieve something truly amazing.

In 2014, aged just 19-years-old, Adam asked his many followers on the game Runescape to sponsor him for a 24-hour live-streamed gaming marathon to raise money for Macmillan. He repeated the challenge over the following two years, and he raised an astonishing total of £150,000 as a result. During each streaming, Adam used his influence to tell his audience about the support that Macmillan offers. 

Adam’s amazing fundraising success led to him collaborating with Macmillan staff to develop a national 24-hour gaming challenge called Game Heroes. It just goes to show that whatever your talent, you can use it to support Macmillan.

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