The Vicky Clement-Jones Award

for using a personal cancer experience to help others

About this award

Vicky Clement-Jones was given just three months to live after being diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer. In fact, she went on to survive for five years – long enough to establish Cancerbackup in 1985 and ensure its success. Macmillan and Cancerbackup merged in 2008 to provide the best cancer information for everyone.

The Vicky Clement-Jones Award is for volunteers who have or had cancer themselves, and who give their time to make a major difference to the lives of other people with cancer.

2017 UK winner - Julia Featherstone
The inspirational speaker sharing her story

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011, Julia was motivated to give her time to help others understand what it’s like to have cancer. 

Through tirelessly sharing her story with passion and honesty, Julia has inspired countless people to donate, volunteer their time, or share their own stories. She has spoken at numerous events including fundraising dinners and balls, and she even received a standing ovation at Macmillan’s Volunteer Conference. No matter who she speaks to, Julia’s listeners always find her story powerful and moving – Macmillan staff call it ‘the Julia effect’. 

Julia continuously demonstrates bravery and determination despite her ongoing cancer treatment. She turns every experience into a positive and she’s an amazing asset to Macmillan.

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