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If anyone deserves a break, it's someone with cancer. We're campaigning to make sure travel insurance is clear and fairly priced for people with cancer.

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We’ve spoken out against prescription charges, welfare cuts and the lack of support for carers. And with your help we’ve really changed things for the better.

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Claire, diagnosed with brain Cancer, hugs Shez, her Macmillan nurse.

Cancer Matters

Ahead of the General Election, we asked Macmillan campaigners and supporters to email their candidates and let them know that cancer matters.

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Age Old Excuse

We campaigned to make sure older people are offered cancer treatment and care based on their needs, not on their age. After all, age is just a number.

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15 May 2017: Email your General Election candidates and let them know cancer matters to you

Today we’ve launched our Cancer Matters campaign, calling for a commitment from the next UK Government to make cancer care a priority and implement our calls.

Between now and the General Election on 8 June, we’ll be inviting people to write to their local candidates to tell them why cancer matters. In line with our General Election manifesto calls, you can share one of three stories with your local candidates:

  • Terry’s story about the difference benefits made to him.
  • Nikki’s story about her mum’s wishes at end of life.
  • A health professional’s story about pressures on the workforce.

Or you can simply tell your candidates about our manifesto, and ask them to sign up to support our calls.

Find out more and write to your candidates today.

*Image: Claire, diagnosed with brain Cancer, hugs Shez, her Macmillan nurse.


27 February 2017: Join our campaign to make sure that everyone gets the support they need to cope with the financial impact of cancer.

Today we’ve launched our new campaign to Make money one less worry. We want to make sure that everyone gets the right financial support to cope with the cost of cancer, when they need it.

We launched our campaign with a news story highlighting that over 30,000 people with cancer in the UK in their 40s and 50s have had to borrow money from their parents to cope with the cost of their diagnosis.

We’ve also created a video to explain the financial impact of cancer, and what can be done to help people with their money worries; and we’ve published a policy report, No Small Change, which sets out what governments across the UK, healthcare professionals and the financial sector can do to make money one less worry for people with cancer.

Find out more and join the campaign.


10 February 2017: New report reveals the challenges facing cancer services in England

Our new report Warning Signs asks whether the Cancer Strategy for England can be delivered while the NHS is under unprecedented pressure. One of the key findings of the report was around delays experienced by cancer patients when waiting for treatment, and the negative impact this can have on mental health.

  • 64% of people say they experienced anxiety or depression while waiting for treatment to start.

The report received widespread media coverage, including on ITV news, in the Daily Mirror and on Good Morning Britain.

We’re calling for funding for the cancer strategy for England to be ring-fenced to make sure these problems can be tackled, and for investment in key ‘pinch points’ in the system, such as follow-up care.


5 October 2016: Campaign success for Cancer on Board campaigner – meet the man behind the badge

James McNaught came up with the idea for the Cancer on Board campaign when he was having treatment for throat cancer in 2014. 

Travelling to hospital on London Underground trains, he often felt incredibly unwell, and wanted to find a way to let his fellow passengers know he was in need of a seat. 

Thanks to James’s Cancer on Board campaign, Transport for London are now piloting a scheme to help customers to get a seat when they need one. We met with James to find out more about the campaign.


28 September 2016: New report reveals growing strain on cancer carers

Our new report ‘Under Pressure: the growing strain on cancer carers’ shows how friends, family members and neighbours who look after someone with cancer are coming under more pressure than ever before. The report looks at how the experience of cancer carers has changed over the last 5 years. It reveals that:

  • The number of people looking after someone with cancer in the UK has soared from around 1.1 million in 2011 to almost 1.5 million today.
  • More than half of carers aren’t getting the support they need and the situation is getting worse.
  • Almost 110,000 people in the UK are part of a sandwich generation of carers - caring for a parent with cancer while also looking after their own children.

13 September 2016: Macmillan Cancer Support responds to APPGC on cancer report into the Cancer Strategy