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Macmillan's Winter Gift Guide

Thousands of people living with cancer in the UK feel that they just ‘can’t afford life’, with many in financial crisis due to the rising cost-of-living and the extra and often unexpected costs that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

What people living with cancer need is a financial lifeline - a rapid payment to meet their immediate needs and relieve some of the unrelenting financial pressure. What people need is a Macmillan Grant. 

The items in our gift guide are 10 of the most common uses of Macmillan Grants. A donation of the cost of one of these items will go directly towards funding Macmillan grants and supporting people living with cancer through this difficult time.

How your donation could help

10 miles of petrol

A book


Funds from your donation to the Winter Gift Guide won’t be limited to the specific gift you choose but will go towards funding Macmillan Grants, supporting people living with cancer. In the unlikely event that we raise more money than we can spend on Macmillan Grants, your donation will instead go to support Macmillan’s wider work for people living with cancer

Support for you

If you are affected by cancer and you are worried about money, there is help available.