Sourdough bread recipe

Want to know how to make sourdough bread? Follow our recipe to find out how to prepare your sourdough starter and bake the bread from scratch. It's sure to impress your guests at your Coffee Morning.
A sourdough loaf is on top of a metal cooling rack. The loaf has been cut into slices. Rest on the cooling rack is a metal knife. Underneath the cooling rack is a cotton napkin. Near the loaf is a plate with a slice of bread on it that has been topped with vegetables, and a bowl with a sliced avocado and sliced tomatoes.

Key information

Preparation time: It can take up to a week to make the starter mixture required to make sourdough bread. Once you have made a starter it can be divided and fed to make more starters and loaves. Preparation time for the starter: 1 hour over 7 days Preparation time for the bread: 25 minutes plus proving

Cooking time: 30-40 minutes

Serves: 1 loaf

Recipe difficulty rating: Difficult

Allergens: Remember to provide a list of potential allergens for each item served at your Coffee Morning event so people can clearly see what ingredients they contain. You can use our cake labels, but make sure you write clearly in block capitals and black ink.


For the starter

900g strong white flour

For the loaf

500g strong white flour

225ml warm water

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp runny honey

How to prepare sourdough bread