Caroline Quentin's gluten free chestnut cake recipe

Looking for a gluten free cake recipe? Look no further than Caroline Quentin's sublime chestnut cake.
A chestnut cake is on top of a white cake stand. A slice has been cut from the cake. The cake stand is on top of a wooden table. Behind it is a white and blue plant pot and a silver stove top espresso coffee maker. In front of the cake stand is a plate with the cake slice on it.

Key information

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 40-50 minutes


Recipe difficulty rating: Medium

Allergens: Remember to provide a list of potential allergens for each item served at your Coffee Morning event so people can clearly see what ingredients they contain. You can use our cake labels, but make sure you write clearly in block capitals and black ink.


4 large free range eggs

240g soft brown sugar

240g chestnut flour, sifted twice

240g unsalted butter, melted

100ml Marsala

½ tsp cinnamon

How to prepare gluten free chestnut cake