Practical preparation before and after treatment

Looking after someone

Caring can mean many things, including being a good listener, helping with personal care, providing transport or assisting with everyday chores.

  • Being a carer

    As more and more people are living with cancer, a greater number of people are taking on caring responsibilities.

  • Being there during diagnosis, treatment and after treatment

    When the person you care for is having tests or being treated for cancer, you may face a range of practical and emotional issues.

  • Working with professionals

    It’s important to have a good relationship with the health and social care professionals looking after your loved one.

  • Organising help before they come home

    There are a number of people and services that can help you prepare to care for someone at home.

  • Preparing your home

    There are practical things you can do to get the house ready before the person you care for comes home.

  • Helping with personal care and medication

    The person you’re caring for may need practical help with things like medication. There is support available to help you feel more confident doing this.

  • Support for you

    Caring for someone with cancer can be challenging and tiring. Help is available to support carers and enable them to look after their loved one.

  • Your legal rights as a carer

    There are laws to protect you against being treated unfairly because you are caring for someone.

  • Caring if the illness gets worse

    If cancer gets worse, you may no longer be able to care for your loved one at home. Support is available to help you.

  • Life after caring

    It can take time to adjust to life after your caring responsibilities come to an end. There is support available to help you.

  • If you're a carer with cancer

    Looking after someone while going through treatment yourself can be challenging. Support is available for carers.